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FREE Remote Access Installation no fixed IP address needed.

Remote access to your CCTV system is possible via the internet or even on your Smart phone (Iphone or android) etc.   Most internet connection uses a process known as Dynamic IP address allocation. This means your internet “address” is constantly changing. Don’t worry our engineers can get round this problem for you by setting […] more »

Cheap and Best don’t go hand in hand – The New Inn Pub in St. Johns Wood, London learns the hard way

  The New Inn pub is quietly sat in a residential area of St. Johns Wood a few minutes’ walk from Lords Cricket ground; this newly refurbished pub had problems with customers constantly making false complaints about customer service, employees short changing the customers, loss of personal belongings. Recently a pub a few miles away […] more »

CCTV Camera Europe offers KFC in London, a Guaranteed 1% increase in Profit margin per annum

CCTV CAMERA EUROPE’S BOLD OFFER TO KFC IN LONDON A GUARANTEED 1% INCREASE IN PROFIT MARGIN PER ANNUM The objective of this specific project is to make KFC more profitable by reducing shrinkage. We have based our bold claim on successful case studies, where we have helped clients increase: recorded cash sales reduce losses increase […] more »

CCTV Camera Europe is helping Spas & Salons in London to feel Safe, Secure and In Control

We believe that if you are a Spa or Salon owner you must have some creative taste and a desire to do good for your fellow citizens. Your Spas & Salons are doing a fantastic job of relaxing your customers and helping them enhance their inner and outer beauty. Now to invite your customers to a […] more »
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