Lease CCTV from £2 + VAT per Day

It is now possible to lease a 1 camera to 4 camera CCTV system, and have it fully maintained, for £2 a day + VAT spread over 3 years.

CCTV Camera London have partnered with Tower Leasing to provide finance options to clients you want to spread the cost over 3 or 5 year periods.

Each businesses situation is different, so if you are interested in finance, please contact us now and we will work out finance options to meet your CCTV needs.

For example, we can provide a high quality CCTV system, professional installed to a commercial standard, with unlimited maintenance for 3 years, for just £2.00+vat per day.*

The package includes:

  • Site Survey
  • Tailored CCTV system design
  • Reliable & up to date equipment
  • Professional Installation
  • Full Training and Support
  • NSI Silver Level Certification 
  • 3 Year warranty on parts
  • 3 Year Unlimited Maintenance and Support agreement

(* Provided there are no issues identified in the site survey and credit conditions are met.)

Lease CCTV Package Hardware Features

The Lease CCTV packages include:

Day/Night IR Dome Camera
  • 4 Day/Night IR Dome Cameras – 700 TVL (2.5mm or 4-9mm Lens).
  • 100 Meters of Professional High Quality CCTV Cable,
  • 4ch Digital Video Recorder – 1 TB = 1 months recording
  • 19” VGA Monitor
  • Power Supply Unit
  • Professional Signage

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Specification

The DVR specification is:

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
  • 1 Channel 25 FPS Very High Quality Recording – D1 Quality
  • High Quality 4 Channel DVR – 1TB (equal to one month continuous recording),
  • DVR Remote (batteries included) and Mouse Control,
  • Remote access with the latest apps and software for mobile phones.

19″ Monitor & Bracket Features

The 19" monitor and bracket features include:

  • TFT LCD panel
  • Displays up to 16.7 million colours
  • 500:1 High Contrast Ratio
  • 8ms High Response Time
  • 8Ω/2W Stereo Speakers
  • 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution
  • 170°/160° viewing angle
  • Compact Size design
  • A+ Grade monitor panel
  • 300CD/m2 Brightness
  • 0.294 Pixel Pitch
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Built in Audio & Stereo Speakers
  • Wall Mountable (75mm x 75mm)
  • User Friendly OSD   
  • Tilt -5°~15°

PSU (Power Supply Unit)

Depending on the CCTV system you lease you will one of the units types below:

4 way 5A 12V Regulated PSU:

4-way Power Supply UnitA plug in 5 amp, 12 volt power supply and 4 camera adapter to provide power. 5 amps provides plenty of power for larger cameras with more powerful infrared illumination and easily copes with less demanding cameras such as the internal domes or smaller day/night products.

9,18 Way 10,20A 12V Regulated PSU:

9 to 18-way power supply unit psu
  • PTC Technology
  • Built In Redundancy
  • Lockable Box Cover
  • LEDs for Each Input

Each circuit is individually protected by a hard wired fuse, safeguarding cameras, DVR’s or baluns. PTC Fuse Technology automatically protects each power feed, and automatically resets once the load or short circuit is removed, no fuses need to be replaced! Actual internal power supply is contained inside a protective enclosure for safety.

Remote Access – View your CCTV over the Internet

It is possible to remote access and monitor all Internet connected CCTV sites at the same time on any one screen over the Web.

For each CCTV system you want to view via the web you will need a router connected to the Internet with an allocated fixed IP address.Remote CCTV System Access


Set up PPS Software (Professional Surveillance System)

PSS is an abbreviation for Professional Surveillance System. It is software to manage small quantity security surveillance devices. It can view several camera channels from various devices, and it can view the recorded video files from various devices. PSS can support multiple scheduled arms to realize auto PC guard. PSS supports e-map; you can clearly view all device locations. It can create individual configuration files for each user, which allows you maintain your own habit and style. Please note, there is only one running PSS in one PC.

The PSS software can send out the device alarm information to the peripheral applications.

Professional Surveillance System Software

Remote Viewing on Smartphones and Tablets

CCTV on your smartphoneDVR now have mobile phone software available for iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, Blackberry; Android Symbian based mobile phones and tablets.

If you are not around, maybe on holiday or just away and you would like to keep an eye on your business or home and you own a smart phone that allows you to launch application, there is an app which allows you to view your CCTV remotely on a LIVE stream online via a minimum of 3G or wireless connection.


If you want to a FREE quotation with finance options available to you, please contact us now on 0870 770 5077 or email

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