5 things for perfect CCTV

By on December 19th, 2018

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1. Buy what you need. Every business has different CCTV needs. Some don’t need CCTV at all. Banks needs top level CCTV and a Barber Shop might need 2 good cameras only. Some businesses only need dummy cameras, and a dummy protected by sign. So before you get a quotation think what do I really need? What are my objectives.

2. Locate cameras correctly. Is the camera in the right position? Do you want to record the face or the back of the head? Cameras for monitoring purposes should be higher than eye level so they can see more. Cameras for identification and recognition should be at eye level so the best image of the face is captured.

3. Buy the right camera and lens Can you choose the right lens? Some people who try to do it themselves buy CCTV packages off the shelf. These packages usually have 4 cameras, all with the same wide lens, which cant be adjusted. Wide lenses can only monitor. Wide lenses can be used for recognition and identification, because they do not give a clear image of the person. Evidence without recognition and identification quality images will not stand up in court.

4. Buy the right Digital Video Recorder (DVR). If the recording of live pictures is required then a higher specification of resolution image quality – is required for the DVR. Cameras have four different technical levels of resolution. Highest quality is D1 then 2CIF, CIF and QCIF. Resolution quality must be balanced against recording speed to achieve higher specification objectives Live pictures need at least 25FPS (frames per second). We recommend that identification cameras should have 2CIF resolution, at least, with the highest frame-rate, and that monitoring cameras use CIF quality at least. The DVR must support these requirements. Most DVR manufacturers say they achieve resolution and frame rate targets, but some don’t actually do the job required.

5. Don’t try to do it yourself. Some of people think that CCTV is easy, but as experts we know it is not. CCTV technology is developing fast so if you are not informed, about up to date equipment and recent technical advances, you will miss out. Of course you can buy a kit and a manual in an electronics store, but are you sure its what you need, and are you sure it will work? How much time you will spend? Is it worth of it? Your result will most likely be a maximum 10% of potential and your money will be lost. A good professional will achieve NSI A standard. Can you? This information is only to help you choose what you need, so you will not be misinformed by people who are not experts. Ask experts and they will help you to achieve everything you need. Call us on 07977 177775 or email [email protected]

This article was written by Sergejs Laicuks, Senior Technical Engineer for CCTV Camera Europe Ltd. This information is his experience to date.

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