Are the Spies Amongst Us, For Us or Against Us

By on December 19th, 2018

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This year, I have received 3 photos from CCTV systems of my vehicle in a bus lane in Lambeth causing a traffic violation and 4 photos of my vehicle in the London congestion charge zone without paying the fee on the day. Now I’m afraid to open the post.

This is when I agree that CCTV systems are contentious and undermine human privacy rights. It’s ironic that the cameras were put there because of the fear of terrorism. However now we seem to fear the cameras more. The quest to prevent terrorism, reduce crime and improve safety should not be embroiled with the strategy to target innocent civilians who are trying to make an honest living and contribute to our society. Camera Europe does not supply or install cameras that take images of you and send you a penalty charge. We use cameras positively. We believe that companies and individuals have a right to track protect their property. Therefore monitoring should be carried out in acceptable way and remain within the law. This gives the individuals whose images are being recorded reassurance rather than have them living in fear. All CCTV systems must comply with the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act. Cameras may operate covertly but never in an intrusive way. To ensure your CCTV or surveillance is within the law, please contact one of our consultants via telephone on 07977 177775. You can also contact us online here for a free surveillance consultation.

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