CCTV Camera London is helping Spas & Salons in London to feel Safe, Secure and In Control

By on December 19th, 2018

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We believe that if you are a Spa or Salon owner you must have some creative taste and a desire to do good for your fellow citizens. Your Spas & Salons are doing a fantastic job of relaxing your customers and helping them enhance their inner and outer beauty. Now to invite your customers to a space of complete relaxation, which they can consider as their sanctuary for the time they spend at your Spa or Salon, you need to decorate with style and that costs a lot of money. You also need to keep a very presentable. helpful and trained staff, again that is costing you a lot, you also buy expensive products and machines to give your businesses the competitive edge it deserves and finally you must be paying through your nose to rent or buy your premises. All these things including your faithful customers, you would like to keep safe, happy and well served.

We at CCTC Camera London are helping you do just that by installing advanced CCTV Camera protection for your Spa & Salons.

If you have ever wondered if you really need CCTV camera security in and outside your Spa &Salon but could not make a decision. Well, allow us to help you.

Answer the questions below to determine if you need CCTV security:

– Are you a spa or salon owner looking to protect your staff, customers, stock and premises? – Are you worried that when you are away, your business might not be performing up to scratch and there is some issue with missing cash over the till? – Are you worried about some not so friendly customers, who pop into your spa or salon every now and then and cause a little scene? – Will you like to monitor the areas at risk more effectively to keep an eye on products and services that you offer to be charged for during busy hours? If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, then your Spa or Salon needs a CCTV Security system. Our expert engineers here at CCTV Camera London offer Spas & Salons in London a complete CCTV Security Package, which includes the following: 1) CCTV Design 2) CCTV Installation 3) CCTV Maintenance & Support When questioned by spa & salon owners “ Why should I have a CCTV security system installed in my Spa or Salon? Our reply to that is always To feel safe, secure and in control. Our CCTV systems and services deter criminals, minimise business risk, increase staff productivity, and cut losses, record and replay events and collect evidence. All our systems can be accessed remotely. In one of our previous blogs, we stated how Nicky Clarke and Spa & Massage is taking complete advantage of the CCTV camera systems installed in all there branches and head office. You can do so too. Install CCTV in your spa & salon and win complete peace of mind and most importantly win satisfied customers.

We at CCTV Camera Europe are no ordinary CCTV guys. We are certified engineers who have worked on some of UK„ most reputed sites and for some of the largest companies. We have designed and installed CCTV solutions to meet the needs of a broad range of organizations including hotels, embassies, professional practices, property managers, car parks, apartment blocks, golf clubs, restaurants, retailers, pubs, clubs, homes and more.

We will hold your hand through the entire process. From helping you design the CCTV system to meeting your needs with the latest equipment, professional installation and with great after installation support, we guarantee a 100% satisfaction with our CCTV installations. And holding your hand means we don’t run away after installing your system, we take all the time necessary to show you how to use the system. When you are 100% satisfied we issue you with a NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Certificate of Compliance that guarantees your CCTV meets all legal and technical requirements. We then provide you with on-going maintenance and support options to make sure you always have a perfect CCTV system in place. Whether you need a single camera or a complex multi-camera installation, rely on CCTV Camera London. Contact us NOW on 0870 770 5077 or email [email protected]. It time to install CCTV. It could be the most important business decision you make all year.

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