CCTV Camera london offers KFC in London, a Guaranteed 1% increase in Profit margin per annum

By on December 19th, 2018

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The objective of this specific project is to make KFC more profitable by reducing shrinkage.
We have based our bold claim on successful case studies, where we have helped clients increase:

  • recorded cash sales
  • reduce losses
  • increase staff productivity

All of this is achieved by installing effectively designed and implemented CCTV security systems that monitors cash tills, integrated to existing EPOS systems that monitor staff activity, and provide clear visibility of customer activity. Over the last two years, we have assessed umpteen KFC restaurants and have observed that there is no CCTV monitoring of the cash tills. Our experience in other cash handling hospitality businesses is that a combination of a visible and a secret CCTV camera reduces shrinkage, to the extent that costs are recovered within 6 months.

As demonstrated in this picture, our latest overlay EPOS technology records every transaction on the tills; the text of the transaction is captured and recorded on the screen. Thus the CCTV image will record “two mini variety meals, £7.5 and managers can review that this image actually corresponds with the product given to the customer, and the correct change is given for the cash received. Cameras monitor customer and staff activity at the till and counter. We will integrate these new cameras with your existing CCTV system. The second issue is that customer activity must be clearly recorded, to monitor incidences/disputes that may occur, or that people may have claimed to have happened in the recent past. We will take all the time necessary to train staff, how to use the system and support them in its use. All our CCTV systems are issued with a NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Certificate of Compliance that guarantees your CCTV meets all the legal and technical requirements. This Certificate is recognized by Insurance companies, Councils & Police. KFC can enjoy many other benefits such as improved Health and Safety, Customer Satisfaction, Management Investigation and decision making. To start discussing this offer in detail, please contact us on 0870 770 5077 or [email protected] We are here to listen and help!

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