CCTV Will Alter the Intentions of Criminals

By on December 19th, 2018

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Thieves seek out easy targets. Even criminals make risk assessments and will pick locations they consider virtually risk free.

According to a Home Office study, burglars are very likely to return to a property they have previously broken in to, if they consider getting caught low risk. They have successfully visited the property once, and unless there is a visible change, will regard a second visit as equally low risk. CCTV cameras provide that deterrent. The presence of cameras does deter criminals. The risk of being caught on camera and the capture of hard useable evidence is a significant disincentive. It follows that CCTV can prevent the crime before it happens. On entering a premises, a potential criminal who sees a camera that can clearly identify him, will think twice before acting, especially when their own image appears on a display monitor. In this scenario a crime is prevented. However if a crime is committed, CCTV will assist in the identification of the thief. However to achieve high quality useable images the correct camera, lens, camera position, and image recording facilities must be identified. There will be a lack of useable evidence if the wrong camera, or even the correct one in a poor location, is installed. Also ongoing maintenance is required. Lenses must be cleaned and kept in focus, and recording equipment must be monitored. It is very easy for vigilance to slip when a camera system is working as a deterrent over a long period. CCTV Camera London are camera specialists – we only do CCTV. We are happy to carry out free site survey and make recommendations how you can prevent risks to you home or business, and how best to capture those all important useable images cost effectively. We maintain the systems we have installed. Call us now on 07977 177775 or contact us online here to arrange an appointment.

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