Cheap and Best don’t go hand in hand – The New Inn Pub in St. Johns Wood, London learns the hard way

By on December 18th, 2018

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The New Inn pub is quietly sat in a residential area of St. Johns Wood a few minutes walk from Lords Cricket ground; this newly refurbished pub had problems with customers constantly making false complaints about customer service, employees shortchanging the customers, loss of personal belongings. Recently a pub a few miles away was robbed at gunpoint the new owner of the pub contracted a previous company who had done a TERRIBLE job with the installation. The owner then cancelled the contract and called us in to amend and finish the installation, we asked why he contracted such a poor installation company and he said because they are cheaper, but cheaper is never better. The more you pay for an installation and equipment the better the quality would be you can put a price on protection, security and peace of mind. If the right equipment and system is used and located in the right places CCTV cameras can save you a lot of money! Below are a few pictures of the before and after installation:

Some people say CCTV is an invasion of privacy, we at CCTV Camera London do not install in private or public areas without permission. If a person hasn’t done anything wrong then I shouldn’t bother them, only those who have done something wrong seem to have a problem with it. CCTV systems advantages outweigh its disadvantages. If you require CCTV or an upgrade to your system to protect your pub, nightclub or bar with a high-quality installation, please contact us now on 0870 770 5077 or email us at [email protected]

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