Have you ever felt harassed by the police? CCTV might change things for the better.

By on December 19th, 2018

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CCTV Camera London has always advocated the use of CCTV Cameras not just to protect businesses and homes but also for monitoring and assessing the fairness and behaviour standards of government officials and departments who are setup to help the public. In the recent past the complaints of police misconduct and inappropriate behaviour has been on the rise. Official statistics show that there are nearly 14000 complains made by the British residents about the police and its unfair actions. These complaints could range from aggression, racism, impatience, use of brute force and also But this is all going to change now. The public, We the People, our voice has been heard.Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service Bernard Hogan-Howe has agreed to get cameras fitted in vehicles in both police vans and cars. These cameras will be fitted both inside and outside of the vehicles and this will capture any misconduct committed on the part of the police. And yes, it goes without saying that it will also help bring to justice any civilians who might be behaving inappropriately with the police officers. Before the existence of the Metropolitan police, in the times of Britain under the rule of the Kings and Queens, there used to be Justices of Peace (known as JP for short). These used to be honest honourable citizens whose duty was to maintain “Kings Peace” or “Queens Peace”. (http://nationalarchives.gov.uk/podcasts/metropolitan-police-records.htm)But in the modern form of the police, it exists to fight for the peace of the country’s residents and not just for its elite and royalty. And if the police fail to instil that basic confidence into the minds of the common man, then they have not achieved much. CCTV cameras in the police cars will help to control and monitor the conduct and behaviour of the police officers better. And provide vital evidence if there has been a gorse negligence or misconduct on part of the officers, making us the common man a victim of their wrong doing. Mr Hogan-Howe told an audience then that he introduced cameras into police vehicles in Merseyside eight years ago when he was in charge there. He said: “As a police officer, why would I condemn the collection of evidence?

Fig: Merseyside Police – Marked Jaguar X-Type RPU installed with CCTV Cameras (http://www.flickr.com/photos/forbes87/3687351073/)
“It will challenge the officers when they get it wrong and it provides evidence when they get it right.” Mr Hogan-Howe also pledged during a question-and-answer session on LBC that he would root out all racist officers in his force CCTV as a piece of technology is fighting for our rights and is helping to uphold our democratic structure.
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