How can we keep our London Pubs safe?

By on December 19th, 2018

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Fig: A Thirsty Mayor of London – Boris Johnson at a London Pub

London has had a romantic relationship with its pubs dating way back into history even before the Great London fire of 1666. In 21st century Britain pubs are a great place to socialise with family and friends. Pub’s have a big following of loyalists who are its regulars in a particular area. Pub owners work so hard to keep their pub’s attractive by offering the best beer, decor, music and most importantly a feeling of relaxation. For many busy Londoners it is the only one place they can truly unwind and relax after a busy day at work or enjoy a nice pub lunch with their family over the weekend or even cheer their favourite football, rugby or cricket team. The last thing a pub owner would want is reducing number of customers due to them feeling unsafe and insecure visiting their pubs. How safe are our London Pubs? is the big question. With the increased number of brawls, thefts and crimes inside and outside of London pubs, it is quite a difficult predicament for London Pub owners. According to a report from Direct Line Home Insurance, the most common location for handbag theft is in the pub, with work, shops and nightclubs being the joint second most frequent place. The survey also found that over one fifth of women in the UK have been the targets of handbag theft, with nearly one in 10 carrying more than £250 worth of items in their handbag, including cash, make-up, door keys, mobile phones and medication. The solution is CCTV. CCTV Camera London is advising London Pubs to secure their inside as well as their outside areas of their pub premises with 24 hour CCTV monitoring. And because of the latest feature of remote monitoring, the pub owner can access live footage of the CCTV cameras on their laptop or smart phone using any internet connection. This footage can prove to be vital evidence and help in solving a scene of crime that might take place inside or outside your pub. But the worries of a Pub owner don’t stop there. What about the cash mismanagement at the tills? Now either you are already a victim of this or don’t even know that something like this is happening. Our research shows that if you are a busy pub, you could be loosing up to 1000 pounds a month in cash due to mismanagement of cash at your tills. In tough times even the most trust worthy staff member can commit an act of theft. To them,it is only petty cash but when it becomes a habit and is multiplied over 30 to 31 days a week, your bottom line is suffering. Again CCTV comes to your rescue, our CCTV engineers will design such a system which will help record all the cash transactions that take place at the till. It also helps to maintain quality in the pub kitchen and also the customer service of your staff improves, once they know that they are under surveillance. If you would like to make your pub a safer place and would like to increase your monthly cash flows, then feel free to contact us to have a friendly conversation. You can reach us via email on [email protected] or call us on 0870 770 5077.

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