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CCTV protect residents in Chelsea

CCTV solution protects and serves residential area in Ormonde Gate, Chelsea, Sw1

Problem: Burglary, Theft, Break-ins, and vandalism.
Solution: Digital 23 Camera CCTV System & Professional Signage to protect every house in the neighborhood.

Securing your home can be daunting. There are many CCTV installers out there, but it vital you find someone who is trusted, accredited, and experienced. You want to be sure you’re getting the best CCTV system to protect your family and property. We take time to understand our customers concerns, and we review and test new CCTV equipment as they come to the market, so we can help you to choose the right CCTV surveillance system for you. We also provide advice and a free quotation to individuals and businesses across Europe about the best surveillance and crime prevention. Because we’re not tied to any one CCTV system manufacturer, we can install exactly the right CCTV system for your needs. We can also maintain and repair all kinds of CCTV security systems, regardless of when or by whom it was installed by. Problem Ormande Gate is an area located in the heart of Chelsea Sw1; we were contacted by Ormonde gate with a major problem with burglary, theft, break-ins and vandalism. The three owners of the properties needed a specific tailor-made surveillance system which will allow them to view off the main DVR and online stream, record up to a months worth of footage, cover every potential area of threat without intruding on the resident private lives and monitor, identify every person and vehicle entering and exiting Ormonde gate. Solution With these specific specifications given to us by the residents we created a proposal and implemented it with, a map of the area and were exactly we think the cameras and system should go, which types of cameras are best suited for monitoring and identifying. We used three different types of cameras to protect Ormonde gate: All in one Cameras – Monitoring public space and recognition of any person entering Ormonde Gate. NPR Cameras – Passing vehicle number plate recognition. Ball Cameras – Ball wide-angle cameras for monitoring.

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All in one Cameras


Below is a map of Ormonde Gate, with the types of cameras we have used and for what purpose:

map of Ormonde Gate

Since we have completed the installation break-ins theft, robbery and vandal has fallen, although the CCTV system cannot stop the crime full stop it has recorded and monitored every crime that has happened in the area. There have been burglaries and car theft since the CCTV has been installed and our cameras have picked up the criminals face and his vehicle registration, the all in one camera identified and monitored the guys face and the theft as it happened and the NPR recognition picked up the vehicle registration. The most recent theft that has happened at Ormode was caught on our CCTV, we have provided a video footage of the thief stealing a spoiler off a mini cooper, pictures of him walking through Ormonde gate and another picture of our NPR camera picking up his number plate. Ormonde Gate Video, Man Stealing Spoiler Off Mini Cooper Image of thief walking through Ormonde

Gate: Image of cars number plate caught on our NPR camera.

Image of cars number plate caught on our NPR camera