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CCTV 24hr Monitoring Services

The most effective form security is one that deters intruders before they cause any damage – before they break your windows, force your locks, or smash your equipment.

CCTV Camera London believes that 24-hour live monitoring should be handled by a specialist that does nothing else and that is why we outsource this service to a company who have a dedicated workforce doing nothing else other than watching your property. They protect millions of pounds worth of property remotely via the web and internet-linked video cameras sited at our clients’ premises. They’re a quick-response remote video monitoring station and they’re on duty 24 hours a day. Their surveillance staff keep a constant eye on factories, warehouses, and showrooms, as well as offices occupied by vulnerable staff.

From Hampstead to Croyden, their staff respond to every suspicious movement. If they see an intruder, they call the police; if there’s an audio link, they warn the intruder off. On an average month, they’ll instigate numerous arrests and prevent tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage. They are instrumental in preventing injuries and saving lives too.

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