5 Top Tips for perfect CCTV

By on December 17th, 2018

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It is possible to keep an eye on your street, even when you are not there. Council CCTV cameras can’t be everywhere and are very expensive to install to their network. Communities have a choice to design and install their own private CCTV systems to protect their streets, homes and businesses. Here are 5 top tips for perfect CCTV, if you are considering buying some CCTV.

  1. Buy what you need.
  2. Locate your cameras in the right position
  3. Choose the right camera and lens for the job.
  4. Choose the right recorder (DVR – Digital Video Recorder)
  5. Don’t do it yourself, get help.

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Eoin Clarke
Managing Director
Please check out this video we made called. 5 Top Tips for CCTV.

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