700TVL All in One Cameras are here! – Vandal Proof plus Day and Night

By on December 18th, 2018

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Finally, the long awaited wait for 700 TVL cameras is over; we can now tell you that 700TVL camera boasts of a vandal proof dome and the day/night features. What is TVL? TVL stands for TV Lines and relates to the resolution of an analog security camera. It can be referred to as the Capture or Camera resolutions. When reading a security camera specification sheet, you will see two sets of numbers rating the sensor of the camera. One lists the number of pixels (768 H X 494 V) for the sensor and the other rates the horizontal resolution (TVL) of the camera. Effective pixels = 768 (Horizontal) X 494 (Vertical) Horizontal resolution = 540 TV lines the difference between the two is pixel aspect ratio and picture aspect ratio. The pixel aspect ratio has to do with the actual number of pixels that sensor is able to capture. The picture aspect ratio is based on what the NTSC standard for analog signals (composite video) has been designed to process. The numbers are different but using the math behind it you can calculate how the two relate. We will avoid the math for this discussion. Hope that clears things up 🙂
The All in One Security Camera

  • Day/night
  • 3.6mm fixed iris lens
  • 18 Metre IR range  8°
  • 0 Lux with 30 IR LED
  • 2 axis rotation
  • Dual glass technology
  • Weatherproof

The camera incorporates dual glass technology that completely eliminates IR LED reflection into the lens at night. The camera is fitted with 30 IR LEDs that allow the camera to be used in total darkness up to a range of 18 meters. The camera is IP66 rated and can be fitted outdoors. The bracket supplied can move in 2-Axis and also allows cable management.
Vandal Proof Dome Camera VF 700TVL

  • 700TVL Resolution
  • 3.5 – 8mm Vari-focal lens
  • IP65 Weather proof
  • 0 LUX
  • Weather proof IP66
  • OSD Menu
  • 3 Axis rotation

This vandal proof Infrared dome camera provides super high resolution images using its 700TV Lines. Low Illumination and Sony CCD Image sensor produces clear crisp images with a finer detail than standard lens chips. The camera also boasts additional features such as ATR, OSD and NR. The Vari-focal lens allows the cameras range and angle of view to be adjusted during installation to enable the very best images to be captured.If you are interested in upgrading or buying our new 700TVL cameras and would like to see it in action, please contact us now on 0870 770 5077 or email us at [email protected]

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