Access Control is a Must Have security system to keep your business or home protected

By on December 17th, 2018

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Access Control is a Must Have security system to keep your business or home protected Access control is a matter of great importance for any business location, as it regulates the flow of individuals (visitors, staff, suppliers and others) in and out of your business. There is always the threat of opportunist thieves and malicious damage to your property. Historically, access control was exercised by limited distribution of keys. But keys are physical things. It is easy for an outsider to break the lock or distribution system, and get access.  Houses and businesses that are not using modern, sophisticated, access control systems are under higher threat of being robbed or damaged. Modern electronic systems really do reduce risks, and are good value for money. In current times, the most popular electronic access control systems include the smart cards, key fobs, or bio-metrics. We find that the cards and the fobs are cheaper solutions in comparison to the bio-metrics systems.
A unique card or fob has specific advantages: it can only be copied by an authorised person, and electronic features of the system further refine its use. For example, in a bank, John (Director), Lisa (Senior Manager) and Karen (Admin) are issued with three different cards, John, being a director can access all parts of the building, including the Accounts and the safe-vault section. Lisa might not have access to the safe-vault section of the building, and Karen access might be limited to the front door, kitchen, toilets, communal areas and office floor. The system will be able to track the exact movement of all the three employees at any time in the building and in case of an incident, their movements in the building over the last week, month or year can also be traced for the purpose of evidence in a court of law or investigation. All this information is stored in large secure onsite or offsite servers. Lapses in security can and will still occur. Ill minded individuals will exploit any weakness, or lapse by regular users. For this purpose, the bio-metric scanning at entry point, including retina scan and finger print scan will allow a further level of secure access into and within your building where there is a very high level requirement. Businesses across the world save billions of pounds a year by using effective access control systems, but it must be kept in mind that cheap, poorly designed, or poorly implemented systems can fail, causing serious damage or loss. Hence, irrespective of whether you are a single site operation or a multi-site business, ranging from a high street store, restaurant, and residential block of flats, industrial sites, government premises, or small office with un-manned reception, you need to install an effective access control system. If you would like to know more about types of access control systems and which system might work best for your home or business, then feel free to contact us for a free consultation on – 020 7627 4402 or request a free call back by submitting your details via our website homepage We will be delighted to assist you.

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