Another Warehouse Protected in London. CCTV Camera London installs 15 CCTV cameras at Simply Drinks Ltd

By on December 17th, 2018

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The recent Metropolitan Police Figures don’t paint a very good picture for London residents and businesses. Total number of Robberies in 2011 were 39,429, which is 12.4% more Robberies than year 2010 and a total of 96,338 burglaries in comparison to 96,894 in 2010, a scary jump of 6%. ( Our intention is not to scare anymore but just make them aware of the dark economic and unsecure climate we are living in and provide individuals and businesses with ways of safeguarding their assets. Our research shows that Warehouses are the most vulnerable when it comes to burglaries as they usually are unmanned at night or lack a large vigilant security force, or possibly they might have so many entry and exit points that it virtually becomes impossible to guard each of these by physical security guards. Hence, at these sites CCTV Camera systems prove to be the most intelligent and financially smart investment. Simply Drink Ltd, based at Rufus Business Centre, Ravensbury Terrace, London, SW18 4RL, recently contracted us to protect their warehouse, where they stock all the delicious snacks they distribute to their network of vending machines across London. They recently experienced problems with parts of vehicles being stripped from their fleet over the weekend. We helped them design and then installed a CCTV system that protects the entire perimeter of the building. Any car or person approaching the building have their number plate registration or face recorded.The entire warehouse is monitored night and day with no blind spots and anyone outside the front door is identified coming into the building. As a result of our system – Now the staff can see clearly who is at the door when the door buzzer goes and also the management can view the building remotely if the alarm goes off out of hours. This enables them to see if it’s a false alarm or decide what action needs to be taken. The 15 cameras were installed in 2 days. Testing completed, adjustments made and fully certified another 2 days later. Another happy client story. We love happy clients. In our business more happy clients mean, more secure businesses and homes. If you wish to secure your home or business, then please feel free to contact via phone: 0870 770 5077 or via our website:

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