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By on February 25th, 2019

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With our latest CCTV services, we can protect your home, business, street, valuables and loved ones, like never before.

Artificial intelligence CCTV is here. AI CCTV has added functionality such as facial recognition, objects detection, trip wires and alarm notifications. This means accurate alarm or push notifications can be sent you or our monitoring station before a crime happens.

If the alarm is raised, a CCTV video clip will be sent you or our monitoring station as it happens. If a crime or suspicious activity is taking place, you or our CCTV operative can give a verbal warning, sound an alarm and call the Police or our new CCTV Patrol and Response Unit. 

Our CCTV Patrol and Response Unit service will be starting in Chelsea / Westminster on the 1st March 2019. This service is for business and home owners and will run daily from 4pm – 8am. The objective is to deter crime and increase safety by having a high visibility presence patrolling streets and collecting potential evidence in the event of crime in CCTV vans.

Our CCTV Patrol and Response Units will:

  1. Carry out regular mobile patrol on your street with our 360-degree CCTV vans.
  2. Deter crime in any targeted or high-risk locations by being highly visible.
  3. Respond to alarms notifications, emergencies or threats of crime to gather images.
  4. Respond to any incidents to gather CCTV images as evidence for reports.
  5. Offer ‘Meet and Greet’ service to clients, who want to enter/exit their property safely.
  6. Close Protection Operatives will have SIA Close Protection Licenses and always wear body worn CCTV.

Customers will have:

  1. Dedicated CCTV Patrol and Response Unit in their neighbourhood.
  2. Dedicated Telephone Number & Email and Whatsapp group.
  3. Web Portal showing location of mobile unit and movement history.
  4. Alarm & Incident Response Emergency Service.
  5. Access to High Definition CCTV images useable in court.
If you are interested to improve your security with CCTV and need help, please contact me on 07977 177775 or email [email protected].
Eoin Clarke
Managing Director
CCTV Camera London Ltd

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