CCTV Camera Europe is protecting London’s favourite Sushi Bar and Food Chain – WASABI

By on December 17th, 2018

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Next time you go to Wasabi to eat your favorite Sushi dish, remember that is all you can do. If you have any other funny ideas of causing any trouble, drop them NOW, as Wasabi restaurant at 131 Victoria Street, Westminster, London, SW1, is now protected by us (CCTV Camera London), by a 12 camera strong CCTV installation.Here is a list of key areas that our advanced CCTV system is monitoring within the restaurant: 1) The new system will help identify anyone entering the premises by either front or back door. 2)Wide angle cameras have been used to monitor the entire restaurant up and down with no blind spots. 3) All 5 cash tills have a CCTV camera directly above so every transaction can be monitored or replayed. 4)  The Kitchen area, office and Rear fire exits have also been covered. The data is recorded on to a 16ch 4TB DVR, is secure in a lockbox and can be accessed over the internet.
As you can see we have helped a premium, central London based food chain resolve two most annoying issues. Firstly, the issue of safety during working hours and most definitely after the restaurant is closed. But more importantly, our cameras over the 5 cash tills are keeping an eye on every cash transaction that is taking place. Not that one should doubt their staff but research has shown that due to reasons of temptation or desperation, the staff who is handling cash may not always log the right amount and steal from your shop small amounts of cash on a regular basis, which over a 12 month period can turn out to be very significant losses. For example, if you are a busy restaurant, dealing in cash and every day you are losing approx 100 pounds, which would translate into 36,500 pounds over 12 months. If you require your business to be secured and want us to give no-obligation quotation for a CCTV camera installation at your site, then please feel free to contact us via phone: 0870 770 5077 or via our website:

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