CCTV Camera London contracted to work in the new Kings Cross west side rail station

By on December 18th, 2018

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There are thousands of CCTV camera installers in the UK and a lot of them dream to work on prestigious sites, one of the hot favorites is London’s Kings Cross. Kings Cross is one of London’s busiest stations and we had the opportunity to put cameras up in the new station in Wasabi. CCTV Camera London are privileged to have been chosen to work at London’s Kings Cross at the new western enclosure at London’s Kings Cross rail station. We have secured this job on our merits and true technical competence of our team. To be able to work at London’s Kings Cross, CCTV Camera London had to comply with strict requirements, such as an induction training and permit to work procedures. We set up 7 cameras covering the whole premises, leaving no blind spots, and a 8 channel DVR with a 19″ monitor. We done this job quickly and effectively which saved the site manager a lot of time to work on other things that needed to be done before the grand opening. If you are a business at a London’s Kings Cross rail station or anywhere else and wish to have the benefits of professionally designed and installed CCTV. Please call us now on 0870 770 5077 or 07977177775 for design consultation and quotation or email [email protected]

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