CCTV Camera London Installs At Earls Court

By on December 18th, 2018

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CCTV Camera London was contracted to upgrade the CCTV installation for Spa & Massage, who have one branch based at Earls Court, SW5 9RH, London. We replaced the old recorder with a new 8 channel DVR, which instantly provided clear images and improvement. We also replaced the camera in the reception area, with a high resolution wide angled dome camera which monitors the entire reception area. The CCTV is now connected to the internet so the owner can view live pictures, whenever he likes on his iPad, laptop or mobile. He has another 4 sites, which all have a similar CCTV set up so he can control the CCTV at all 5 sites with some clever software we provided him. If you are based in Earls Court or your business needs CCTV or you need to upgrade your CCTV. Please call us now on 0276274402 to discuss what you need.

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