CCTV Camera protect cash revenues at London Pub / Hostel

By on December 18th, 2018

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CCTV cameras from CCTV Camera Europe have stamped out staff pilfering totaling around £1000 per week at the King William Pub in Pimlico, London.The cameras have also helped the busy bar and tourist hostel to eliminate problems with anti-social behavior outside the premises and enabled the police to catch thieves who were previously targeting the laptops and mobile phones of hostel visitors.With a range of security concerns in and around the premises, the pub owner, Travel Joy Hostels, contacted CCTV Camera London. The company security specialists designed a system to tackle all three issues: employee theft, anti-social behavior, and theft from visitors.In phase one, cameras were installed over each till to monitor every transaction.“The issue as regards staff pilfering was decisively dealt with by CCTV and its repaid its cost over many times, says Travel Joy Hostels director, Senan Sexton Phase two involved installing identification cameras at every entrance and phase three completed the system with wide-angle cameras to monitor communal areas both inside and outside the pub. These effectively tackled the issue of anti-social behavior and theft from the lockers of guests at the hostel.“Since installation, we’ve benefitted in every aspect. We’ve resolved all the problems confirms Sexton The hospitality industry is not the only area of business that vulnerable to employee theft. Any business that involves cash sales runs a similar risk. For example, employee theft accounted for nearly 4% of all retail crime in 2011, according to the British Retail Consortium.
“Prior to contacting us, the owners of the King William Pub didn’t really feel like they needed CCTV until they found a member of staff with over £1000 cash in his pocket, which should have been in the till says Eoin Clarke, surveillance and security expert with CCTV Camera Europe. “If you think your business is at risk of losing cash sales, contact us and well work out a solution to protect your business.
Clarke also stresses that it vital to have good quality footage from a CCTV system in order to support any future proceedings. “If the CCTV doesn’t pick up their faces, the police can not use it in their investigations and the courts won’t use it as evidence, he warns. To watch a video on this case study. Please go to
If your business doesn’t have CCTV then it is unsafe and you are at risk. Call us now on 0870 770 5077 or email [email protected], come to start discussing how we can help you.

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