CCTV for Businesses. Remote monitoring station protects site, out of hours.

By on December 17th, 2018

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The most effective form security is one that deters intruders before they cause any damage before they break your windows, force your locks, or smash your equipment. CCTV installations are now so effective. That it is affordable to have a CCTV system that has movement sensors so when movement happens outside of hours, an alarm is set off and the live pictures can be viewed over the web by a 24 hour remote monitoring station. The station analyses the images to see if there is an intruder or if it is a false alarm. If an intruder is visible, the remote monitoring station can set off a siren and give verbal instructions to the intruder to leave the site. If the intruder refuses the instruction, the remote monitoring will contact the police directly to take action. Thames Building Supplies have sought after materials and needed to improve their site security and deter opportunists from targeting them. They also had night security to protect the site and warn any intruders off. CCTV Camera Europe were able to help Thames Building supplies design a CCTV scheme that would protect the entire site and stock 24 hours a day. Each vehicle entering the site has their number plate registration recorded. 7 cameras are placed on CCTV poles and posts get the best view of the site and deter opportunists. The entire site is monitored with no blind spots and the main risk areas had highly visible cameras positioned to be noticeable and get the best picture possible. If you require a CCTV system to protect your site or business, or if you want your CCTV connected to a remote monitoring station so you have effective protection. Please contact us now on 0870 770 5077 / 07977177775 or email [email protected] Thank you Eoin Clarke Managing Director

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