CCTV Installation @ Designer Boutique, Kings Road, Chelsea London

By on December 18th, 2018

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SARAH FORSYTH LONDON is a United Kingdom-based independent producer and retailer of exquisite designer handbags and leather goods (the brand was previously known as Safor). The Kings Road is a wonderful place if you want to get away from the busy high streets and after great unique designer brands. Sarah Forsyth is one of London’s exciting up coming designers with a store situated at the top of Kings Road, this makes the store one of the busiest on the Kings Road. Having one of the busiest shops on the Kings Road is fantastic but… with busy places comes theft and robbery, this is when we was contacted by the owner Sarah who has had her fair share of trouble, she first installed dummy cameras and realised they are a waste of time and money and decided CCTV is the answer to her problem.We visited her store (one of the prettiest on the Kings Road) and decided a 3 camera system is perfect to identify people as they enter the store and monitor all activities on the shop floor, since the installation no thefts have occurred.Below are a few pictures of the finished installation:

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