CCTV Installation Solutions for Hotels in London

By on December 17th, 2018

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The Camera London team  have recently completed a 32 CCTV Installation for the Costello Hotel, Finsbury Park, London. Hotels are subject to a high risk of theft and anti-social behaviour. Having the correct design prevents a high number incidents. So the cameras need to be located outside all entrance points and customers should see a quality system in operation in public view at reception. It also should be usable allowing for quick investigation and effective management decisions. External All in One cameras protects the entire perimeter of the Hotel and car park. Internal White ball cameras capture identifiable images of all persons using any entrance the hotel. They also monitor the  entire reception, breakfast room and all the hall ways leading to rooms. Costello Hotel opted for 26 cameras on a 32 DVR (digital video recorder) D1 format (best recording format available). The DVR is stored in a secure location but can be still control by mouse in reception or over the internet.

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