CCTV is now the most effective way to protect your street.

By working together, you and your neighbours can develop a CCTV scheme that will deter crime on your street or provide usable images in court.

Residents at street entrances are in pole position to make the statement a sophisticated/ organised CCTV is in operation. Their cameras are also in the best location to capture identification images of any person or vehicle entering or leaving the street.

Each resident can play a part by installing CCTV to protect their property and monitor their section of the street. It’s important to have good coverage left, right, up and down the street, so there are no blind spots.

CCTV cameras can view up to 100 degrees and are now HD. So, not many cameras are needed and you can zoom in on an target far away.

If a crime is reported, the Police are now able to remotely access CCTVs on their mobile phones to do their investigations. They do need permission, the right code and password.

If you are interested or want to have a CCTV scheme designed for free. Please contact us now by emailing [email protected] or call or whatsapp 07977177775 anytime.

Eoin Clarke
Managing Director

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