CCTV Microphone Installation across five Spa & Massage Branches in London

By on December 18th, 2018

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There is nothing more exciting than an existing customer asking for more service. It is a big pat on our backs and shows that we did the job right the first time around to the satisfaction of our customer It so happens to be the case with Spa & Massage.

You must remember the previous article post (, we had written mentioned how pleased we were to have serviced a new client Spa & Massage by upgrading their existing CCTV systems across their five sites in London. Well, our happy customer came back and requested an add on feature. This time around they requested installation of a Microphone into each of their cameras, located in their reception areas. We said – “No Problem!”. 🙂

We build all our systems on futuristic designs and try and preempt new feature ad ons for a later date. The upgraded cameras that we had installed in their reception areas had a provision for Microphones to be installed, with relative ease and promptness. Hence, at minimal cost to our customer we were able to make their reception cameras Microphone compatible and now the business owner was able to not only “see” what was happening but also “hear”, that too in “real time”, on his phone or laptop, using a simple internet connection. Remember- all our CCTV Camera systems come with the feature of Live Remote Access Monitoring one the web.

We understand that you want to provide the best customer service to your clients coming to your Spa & Massage parlours but you can’t be present at all your sites at all the times and also you have other activities to attend to. For example you might go on a holiday but instead of worrying about whats going on with your business, all you need to do is log into the live camera feeds and now live sound feed as well. So you know exactly what is going on and what people are saying.

Our team here at CCTV Camera Europe stands by our Spa & Massage customers and all other businesses who want to deliver the highest level of customer service experience and if CCTV cameras and Microphones can help achieve that then why not.

If you require CCTV or a Microphone to protect you Spa, Salon or Business with a high quality CCTV & Microphone installation, please contact us now on 0870 770 5077 or email [email protected]

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