CCTV reduces vehicles costs and improves driver safety

By on December 17th, 2018

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CCTV Camera London is now offering a range of Black Box vehicle camera systems that allow fleet operators to monitor the driver behavior of their company vehicles.While out on the road your vehicles are your company ambassadors. Bad driving reflects on your company as the general public will note the name on the side of the vehicle. CCTV Camera Europe offer a selection of units that will record images, location data which can be followed on Google maps as well as recording speed and sudden events such as heavy braking, hard cornering and excessive speed over speed bumps. Simply having a Black Box fitted to a vehicle will adjust driver behavior as he or she will know that the driving can be reviewed at the end of the journey by an authorized person.A forward facing camera will also record exactly what happens if the worst occurs and one of your vehicles is involved in an accident which can be invaluable for reconstructing what happened and who is at fault. CCTV Camera Europe range of Black box units are available from a simple forward facing camera, a camera with GPS location and G sensors that record sudden speed changes right up to a full 4 camera system that will record images and data from the front, rear side and inside the driver cabin.With GPS location information you can review where and when a vehicle made a stop, for how long and why. The camera image can be matched to this GPS information so that you can see on the display the images captured. It will also show exactly where the vehicle was on Google maps.CCTV Camera London provides the recording unit and all software so that the information can be viewed on any authorized Windows PC. In addition to providing the equipment CCTV Camera Europe can share its wealth of expertise to maximize the functionality of a system.You will be pleasantly surprised how cost effective the CCTV Camera Europe systems can be making the additional safety very affordable for your company.

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