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By on December 17th, 2018

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Great friendly service
By gregor – 1 May 2010
For years I had been putting up with poor quality cameras and an expensive “service” agreement from my old cctv installation company who were based in Wales. I was led to believe that they were the best and that any local firms in London could not offer such good service. They were wrong and since I met Eoin and had Camera London’s cameras installed I have been extremely pleased with the quality of the equipment and the reliability of their service. I really do not feel that I am being taken for a ride any more and its good to know that I will be able to get personal and reliable service in the future. Gregor GJs Wandsworth

By Irakli – 1 May 2010
I was very impressed with CCTV Camera London Ltd. They have done a tremendous job on timely manner, without disturbing restaurant operation and consulting with the Criterion Team on every step. From my experience in meeting various other companies in that field they were by far the most helpful and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone, as it is very much value for money.

Stephen, Central London
By stephen.sexton – 1 May 2010
I am the development director at a London property company. CCTV Camera London have prepared a comprehensive CCTV and lighting solution at an urban London development scheme we are working on that was experiencing high levels of anti social behaviour. In addition to preparing a great design CCTV Camera London were able to work with the local authorities and integrate their new CCTV system into the Council CCTV system. The anti social behaviour issues are now resolved and we and the local community are very grateful to CCTV Camera London for the expertise, great service and attention to detail that they have shown on this project.

truly professionals
By jesus – 30 Apr 2010
I’m the IT manager at the Embassy of Venezuela in the UK, We have a system installed by another company we were not happy with so I found Camera Europe on Google and I have to say I regret not finding them before. They are professionals, affordable and fun to work with. Jesus Gonzalez

Good solid firm that specialised on after.
By becky – 23 Mar 2009
They did a good job installing our system and have looked after us very well since then. Highly recomended.

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