CCTV Security for Industrial Estates in London

By on December 17th, 2018

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CCTV Camera Europe was contracted by property management company Ashdown Philips to carry out a CCTV installation at a Business Industrial Estate in Talworth just off the A3, London. The CCTV system was to be overt and cover the entire Industrial estate with no blind spots. At the main entrance, a Number Plate Recognition camera records all the vehicles entering and leaving. An overlay camera also records recognisable images of any persons entering. Then wide angle All in One cameras monitor the rest of the estate. CCTV system makes a bookmark or note any time there is motion. This allows faster play back and analysis of images. The CCTV system is also networked, so any authorised person can view live or past images without having to go to the DVR. The CCTV system can be connected to the web and can allow remote monitoring to a monitoring station, if  ever needed in the future. Enough CAT5 cables were run to allow PIR movement sensors and a PA speaker system to be installed if needed. If you want to improve the security around you business or Industrial Estate or if you want your CCTV system expanded so that remote monitoring can be carried out out of hours to protect your business, property or estate, please contact us now to discuss your needs on 0870 770 5077 / 07977177775 or email [email protected] Thank you Eoin Clarke Managing Director 0870 770 5077 079777177775

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