CCTV Upgrade @ The Piano Works, Farringdon London.

By on December 18th, 2018

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Piano Works is located in a prominent position on the west side of Farringdon Road. Previously a workshop for pianos have been recently refurbished into offices for all sorts of business types. The previous CCTV system at the piano works had two cameras, one in each lobby. The owner wanted to improve the building security by covering all the major blinds spots and all points of entry into the building. This meant adding more cameras to the exist system and replacing the previous DVR with a new up to date one. We ran CAT5 cables to all the new locations which are on the roof, fire exits, the two lobbies and on the front and side streets. We installed a new 16ch 12TB DVR, allowing for future expansion plus longer periods of recording time. Nine new cameras were installed altogether. This meant nobody could get in or our of the building without getting picked up on CCTV. Remote access was set up for this site and can be accessed in minutes. End users need a login and password.

Piano Works Building

Roof Top CCTV


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