Customer choice for outdoor CCTV installation – Triple IR varifocal camera

By on December 17th, 2018

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  • Brilliant high resolution night picture quality.
  • Long range varifocal lens can be adjusted to capture identification images (faces) from 40 meters distance.
  • Armoured housing and quality brackets unmovable unless they fixed.
  • Have cable managment built into the bracket which hide all the connections. Don’t need additonal accessories.

Case Study : Car Vandalism
We installed a Triple IR camera to protect our customer car from vandalism. Garage doors are 30 meters away from her house
Customer Review
I was greatly impressed by the service I received from CCTV Camera London, who demonstrated a very high level of professionalism and specialist knowledge, from the time of my initial enquiry, through the process of installation, to customer aftercare. The equipment and signage used were expertly chosen and installed, for effective surveillance, and with sufficient presence to act as a deterrent, whilst cables were carefully encased, for an aesthetically pleasing outcome. As a result, I have excellent day and night images of areas which presented challenges for adequate observation. All my queries were answered promptly, politely and helpfully, and there was thorough attention to detail at all stages of the process. CCTV Camera Europe has a combination of professionalism and a personal approach which is usually hard to find. Jenny FinchCase study: Protecting  entrance to Residential Area

Following a series of thefts and events, this private estate wanted to recognise any person or car entering the estate, and monitor activity in the car parking area. Triple IR cameras were strategically placed 20 meters away from entrance to the property where they can be clearly seen. At night they give a clear glow.

Customer review:

Haven East Limited We found Eoin, at Camera LONDONLtd very professional, very efficient and happy to help us with any issues after the installation. We have a small residential development in East London that has had several burglaries over the years. The old DIY system we had was not good enough during night time hours, so now with the help of Camera London our main electric gate and carpark are fully covered with infra red cameras. G Herring For Haven East LimitedPlease contact us now on 0870 770 5077 to discuss your requirements or email [email protected] Thank you Eoin Clarke Managing Director

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