Dealing with Tampering and Vandalism of CCTV Equipment

By on December 17th, 2018

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A CCTV system can only be effective when it is fully functioning. Having a camera not working is a problem as it was presumably located for a reason.  If something is allowed to fail on the CCTV installation and not repaired immediately it sends out the message that the system is not being monitored.Vandalism does happen  sometimes it is strangers and sometimes it is disgruntled employees. A camera is repositioned, torn down or cable disconnected. If this happens the first thing to consider is why it has been done and what are the immediate security implications. Once these have been addressed it is vital that the broken link be reestablished so that whoever did the damage realizes that it will be repaired.Research in the US has shown that human behavior is such that people are generally reluctant to be the instigators of vandalism but if the same people encounter something that has already vandalized or tampered with they are more willing to add to the problem. To exploit that human trait it is very good idea to ensure that any damage or unwanted alterations are remedied as soon as possible.CCTV Camera London can help you with this issue, maybe it is a constant unwanted repositioning of a camera, a recorder that is mysteriously always being switched off or something more serious like cables being cut. We have the solution to your problem  contact us on 0870 770 5077 or email [email protected]

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