Employee Theft a Shameful reality. Another case in Support of office CCTV systems.

By on December 17th, 2018

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The fundamental of all business operations is to maximize the profit margins and to minimize loss. For these businesses small or large tend to make significant investments in choosing the best staff, likeable working environment and equipment and IT infrastructure that runs fast. The last thing a business owner wants is for the business productivity to drop because of the staff members feeling insecure at work, infrastructure being stolen or the office coming under risk of being targeted from outside. A safe, peaceful working environment is key to a business success. But what happens if the business is threatened most from inside, i.e. from its staff members. A survey of 3,000 British workers by the Travelodge group showed that expense-fiddling and employee theft is rife throughout business, with the average worker bumping up his or her expenses by £204 a year. Some of the outrageous claims included a motorbike, personalised number plates for a BMW, £1000-worth of hair extensions, and the purchase of a pet hamster (called Barry) for the office. Another survey of nearly 1500 people revealed that 78% of them admitted to stealing something from their place of work. Office stationery often considered a legitimate perk — was excluded from the poll, but the range of goods swiped from offices ranged from laptops and televisions to the boss’s desk and even an office pet (could it have been Barry?). On average, people admitted to stealing goods worth £930 over their career, with some topping £5000. (http://searchsecurity.techtarget.co.uk/news/1308413/Can-CCTV-camera-security-systems-stop-employee-theft) The only solution to such an internal crime is CCTV Camera systems. Once the staff is aware that they are being monitored by the cameras as long as they are at the workplace they will feel the need to behave and comply with the good conduct norms of the workplace. No one wants to distrust their staff members but some a rotten apple is enough to rot the whole basket. Hence, if you are concerned about such activities at your workplace then please feel free to contact us via phone: 0870 770 5077 or via our website: https://www.cctv-installers-london.com/contact.asp

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