High Definition CCTV is now Standard

By on December 18th, 2018

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HD CCTV is now standard. Which means a major improvement in image quality for a similar cost as old digital analogue CCTV.HD cameras and recorders are now being produced for the same price as old digital analogue technology. This means CCTV technology is in transcendence and the old digital analogue technology will be phased out over time.This means much sharper and clearer images, which increases the deterrent effect, identification and allows you to see exactly what happened. Low resolution and fuzzy pictures will be a thing of the past. Please see the sample image below to see how good the quality is.Two great features of this new HD technology is that the Mega Pixel Cameras work on coaxial cable and you can mix old analogue cameras with new HD cameras on the Hybrid DVR.
To move to HD, all we have to do is upgrade your DVR (digital video recorder) and start swapping ou the cameras you want to improve.If you would like to view our video about the progression of CCTV  technology, please click on this link www.youtube.com/watchWe are installing 4ch HD DVR’s from £199+VAT and 1 Mega Pixel Ball cameras from £69+ VAT.Everything receives our 100% satisfaction guarantee.If you are interested in having HD CCTV or want to upgrade, please contact me by email [email protected] or 07977177775.Thank you Eoin Clarke Managing Director www.cctv-installers-london.com 0870 770 5077

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