Hotel 55 System Upgrade In Ealing, London.

By on December 18th, 2018

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The Hotel 55 is a very sleek and stylish new hotel located minutes from North Ealing station.

The upgrade was initially for a new DVR as the previous one did not show a good clear picture. We installed a new DVR and also fitted a lock box for protection. The new DVR made an immediate improvement in picture quality. To get 100% improvement, we installed new cameras as they were 8+years old. The new 8 channel DVR has a 2TB memory, this means the recording time is a lot longer and can record up to 2 months. All inside cameras were upgraded from the old-fashioned 500TVL cameras to 650TVL vandal proof ball cameras, this gives a much better quality of picture and is tamper and vandal resistant (cannot be moved or adjusted without a special key). The Garden camera and the car park camera was the same old-fashioned 500TVL cameras, these were replaced with ALL IN ONE 700TVL camera which give a much better picture quality and looks more a deterrent than the previous cameras. The CCTV system is not connected to the internet (Remote Access) for there I phones, I pads, Androids and Laptops FREE of charge with any installations or system upgrades. Here are some pictures of the finished installation:

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