How can CCTV Camera London support you during these difficult times

Dear Customers.

Happy St Patrick Days. I trust you are well and safe.

We are in challenging times, but we are still keeping on top of all our clients needs, albeit with less travel and unnecessary meetings. I will manage the CCTV Camera London remotely, mainly using WhatsApp (07977177775) and email ([email protected])

The CCTV Camera London team are working safely and effectively. Sher, Ali, Glenn, Thanh and Marco are well and available to help you, if needed. We are following strict Covid-19 guidelines at each location.

If any of you need anything, whether it’s a friendly chat or serious help with your security. Please contact me any time. I’m here for you and will help you in any way I can. Most CCTV support can be exercised remotely, issues please WhatsApp me a photo or take a video. I will tell you next steps to resolve it. If the lockdown becomes more severe, this is the way we may have to do all support.

Good news is, we can supply and fit a very accurate human thermal camera to CCTV system now. This will allow you to identify anyone potentially with Covid-19 passing or coming on to your property. The bad news is it costs £14,000 + VAT. It is very accurate.

We can also increase your security by monitoring your installation at our secure QVIS monitoring centre based in the South of England. This month, we are doing a special offer. We will monitor your property 24 hours a day or when you want for £2 + VAT per day for four cameras or less or £3 + VAT per day for eight cameras or more. We will set trip wire and motion detection alarms, that will notify the monitoring station and they will take appropriate action: call the Key Holder, Whatsapp the Neighbourhood watch or call the Police.

Two months ago, for one month, we did a trial ‘CCTV Patrol and Response Service’ in Chelsea, Westminster and Fulham with our new VW Crafter van. It is very high profile and did great work. It got some recorded results and there was a clear demand for the service. However, we couldn’t generate the funding to keep it going, our van is still geared up and ready to go. If you can get enough neighbours in your neighbourhood to buy in. Then we can find a way to make it happen.

Please note we have also changed address. Please amend your system and send any future correspondence to;

CCTV Camera London Ltd
Nova North
11 Bressenden Place

Please contact me anytime by WhatsApp on 07977177775? or email [email protected] with any requirements you might have? Please stay safe.

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