IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV, the best thing since sliced bread.

By on December 16th, 2019

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Its official, IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV is the best thing since sliced bread and you should treat yourself to a new IP CCTV for a safer Christmas and 2020.

The majority of our installations are now IP CCTV.

IP CCTV is superior to analogue CCTV. Even the camera design and housing has that WOW factor, which acts as a better deterrent.

The benefits of IP CCTV to you are

  • Greater CCTV security. Having latest CCTV will give you the best protection and peace of mind.
  • Images are recorded digitally, so you can acheive highger resolutions and zoom in on a picture more when needed. Please see examples below.
  • More functionality. (e.g. trip wires, intrusion alarming, object detection, face recognition and people counting.)
  • Accurate alarm triggering, effective notifications, less false alarms.
  • Less cabling. It is possible to run numerous cameras on one CAT5 to a switch.
  • Neater installations. Connections go directly in to NVR.
  • Power over Ethernet switches enable your signal cables to provide power to the cameras as well, reducing the need for those additional cables and power supply units.
  • IP cameras systems are very good at operating within a wireless network. They are not susceptible to the same kinds of interference that affect their analog counterparts, so you can easily view a live feed from more remote locations if desired.
  • IP CCTV systems have encryption built in, so your data is safer from the beginning of its journey to its end.
  • Audio and AI is available. 6MP IP cameras have in-bullt mics. In 2020, we willl see higher spec cameras with, mics, sirens and lights.

If you have any questions or want a quote please contact Eoin Clarke – Managing Director by email or call me anytime on 07977177775.

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