London Warehouses under attack. CCTV Camera London is committed to protect them.

By on December 17th, 2018

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Allegedly there are large organized gangs, mostly Romanian in origin, which are operating in the UK and stealing UK of all its metal. As metal prices soar, with price of Copper rising up to 5000 pounds a ton, due to increased demand in developing countries such as India and China, it has become a very lucrative trade. As quoted in the Daily Mail  13 of November 2011, the plunder of copper, lead and bronze is estimated to cost £770million a year to the UK economy. (Read more: The warehouses are a soft target for such gangs, as they are large sites with relatively less or no manned security guards. CCTV Camera London is driving a special campaign in London and surrounding areas to secure warehouses and help them reduce their losses considerably. NVR or Network Video Recorders, help record the multiple sites within your warehouse, which can then be accessed from a central security room, either onsite or offsite. Besides metal, your large stock is the next possible target. From food to clothing to machinery, you might be stocking millions of pound worth of goods. Just by having barbed wire or heavy metal doors you cannot feel secure, as today crook come armed with sophisticated machinery to gain entry into your heavily protected warehouses. If you have a warehouse that you would like us to secure and provide you with a free security audit. Then, please feel free to contact us via phone: 0870 770 5077 or via our website: We look forward to hearing from you.

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