Looking to install CCTV why choose an NSI approved Installer?

By on December 17th, 2018

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Ask around when you decide to do something about getting CCTV for your business and you are sure to hear about the friend or cousin who can do you a deal and get you CCTV fitted for a song. CCTVCameraEurope meets the victims of this approach on a weekly basis. Cameras fitted together some sort of recording device bought on the cheap. The basic principal of CCTV is not rocket science and so there is no real barrier for some one who is handy to have a go. So you have a system fitted and 6 months later something has happened and you need to reproduce images of the event Nothing, no recording, fuzzy images or the budget recorder has frozen! We at CCTV Camera London believe that the installation of CCTV is only the beginning of a relationship  We install the CCTV, make sure it works, get it certified by NSI so that it meets all UK, European and Police standards and visit the site regularly to ensure that all is working well and if it is not, stay on it until it is! That is one of our responsibilities as a NSI accredited CCTV company. Here are a list of the criteria that are set out by NSI and UKAS that every CCTV installation company must fulfill to become accredited:

  • The company and all employees must be thoroughly security vetted.
  • The installation company is rigorously inspected twice a year to ensure they are maintaining standards in both the quality of security camera installation and how they are run as a business.
  • The company must be fully and properly insured.
  • The company must operate a 24 hour call out service (and provide a response within 4 hours).
  • The company must have been trained by NSI to be able to complete a thorough security survey your property.
  • The company must install reliable, up to date CCTV equipment.
  • The company will issue you with a Certificate of Compliance for your system when complete.
  • The company and the installation must meet or exceed the relevant British and European Standards.
  • The company must be operating to the highest level of business excellence with quality process that is fully audited by NSI.

Working with an NSI company gives you, the customer, the reassurance that you will be dealing with a serious company that takes its customer relationship and product seriously. It takes the average CCTV company almost a year to achieve the standards set out by NSI which indicates a commitment to excellence. The audit trail ensures that you the customer are fully aware at every stage of the process of having CCTV fitted and maintained what the commitments and responsibilities of the provider are. We at CCTV Camera London would be delighted to advise you further on your CCTV needs. Please call 0870 770 5077 or email us [email protected]

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