Never before has the Quality of CCTV been so important.

By on December 18th, 2018

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As crime stats continue to increase. I recommend you to do a risk assessment on your home, business and street. Then implement any actions that are easy to do and within your budget. This may be leaving the light on when you are out or ensuring your valuables or CCTV recorder is in a safe or lock box bolted to the floor. Criminals looks for easy jobs where they are unlikely to get caught. Making yourself a hard target will reduce the chances of you being a victim. The Met Police offer excellent advice to prevent crime for all kinds of situations. Nobody thinks they’ll be a victim of crime until, of course, it happens. But if you’re clued in to the criminals’ tricks and tactics you can stay one step ahead. Browse the Met Polices website for knowledge, practices and practical crime prevention advice from officers and specialist teams all across the Met. Please go to this web page to find out more and then make sure you take action where you can. You should also know, the Met Police have now been instructed not to spend more than 20 minutes of time on minor offences unless usable CCTV images can be found quickly. Never before has effective CCTV, that provides usable images that is fast and easy to use,been so important. We know you need the right camera in the right location, if you want the right image. Otherwise,you might waste your money and time, which is frustrating when you need it the most. The good news is there are lots of exciting advances in CCTV to benefit and protect you, such as 360 degree cameras with directional audio, HD number plate recognition cameras, thermal imaging cameras and improvements in image and mobile app quality. Spending a little money every year is the best return on investment you can get. CCTV equipment can now be mixed, so you can operate old equipment with new and upgrade in bite sized chunks. This makes a statement to everyone that you invest, take your security seriously and hopefully people will think twice before committing a crime on you or you’ll catch them on camera and can take appropriate action. If you need any help protecting your home or business with CCTV. Please contact me now on 07977177775 or [email protected] Thank you Eoin Clarke Director

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