New Eyeball Dome Camera Le-Hatch 600TVL

By on December 17th, 2018

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The New Eyeball Dome camera shows that, CCTV cameras are continuing to evolve at a fast rate, by getting smarter and  passing the benefits on to the end user and installer.
The camera might look basic but it has clever functionality that can control light to always give you clear pictures in any light condition.


– WDR – Wide Dynamic Range BLC – Back Light Compensation – Anti flicker – Armored Housing – 3-Axis Gimble – Motion Detection – Parking line – Lens shading control – Privacy masking zones – Auto spots compensation – Controll by OSD Menu – Anti-Ghost 2DNR – 36pcs IR leds – Second Video Output – D-WDR – IR-Smart & Private Alarm – OSD Menu

Functions in Nextchip 2040 DSP:

  • The eclipse function, blocks out high-bright areas
    and enables better visibility of other areas.
    An example of the eclipse function usage is to
    Recognise the number plates on a vehicle at night,
    where the headlights are too bright.
  • 2DNR (2-Dimensional Digital Noise Reduction).
    When the object moves under low light conditions,
    the image is inevitably blurred because of using
    the camera memory. 2DNR helps reserved edges
    in the picture.
  • IR SMART. A day and night, colour network camera
    delivers colour images during the day. As light diminishes below a certain level, the camera can automatically switch to night mode to make use of
    near infrared (iR) light to deliver high-quality, black
    and white images.
  • LCS (lens shading compensation) method in an
    image sensor that compensates the difference
    in signal amplitude according to the position of
    pixels to preserve the quality of a primitive
    image. The lens shading compensation apparatus includes a pixel value analysing part, an auto
    exposure value setting part, a central pixel
    detecting part, a table generating part, a pixel
    location calculating part, a mask image generating
    part and a compensation part.

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