One in 4 over 50 residents of London are seriously concerned about potential burglaries at their residence.

By on December 17th, 2018

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The UK over 50s population are more concerned than ever about being Burgled, according to a new research report (YouGov Plc) from specialist insurer RIAS. Latest figures show that 23% of over 50s are more concerned about having their home being broken into than they were a year ago, equivalent to 4.1 million people. (Source: Population projections by ONS 2009) We at CCTV Camera London have been doing our own small research in and around the residential blocks of Central London. We find that there is a serious lack of quality CCTV security systems installed by the local councils. And many a times the residents have to bear with the responsibility of installing systems to protect their block of flats or a residential street because even their property management company might not be willing to invest on a robust CCTV system for them. Residents must now consider private CCTV installations. CCTV CameraLondon is Londons leading CCTV installers who are helping Londons residential blocks and streets to become safer and for its residents to sleep better. It is time for residential committees to work in synergy with each other to protect the families, elderly, kids, their properties and vehicles and make the overall living experience more secure. We don’t promote a big brother society but we promote a society where all residents can go on holidays without the fear of their house being burgled, they can go for late evening walks without the fear of being mugged or robbed, where all residents of all ages can live with their head held up high and feel safe and comfortable. Our CCTV camera systems allow this sense of well being to be developed in residential areas of London. You can find it to be a cumbersome task which involves a lot of time and finances to install CCTV systems across your residential blocks. Put all your worries to rest as we (CCTV Camera London) will provide you with detailed consultation, planning and design the most cost-effective system for your area. If you would like to know more about installing a CCTV security system in your residential area, then please feel free to contact us via phone: 0870 770 5077 or via our website:

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