Property Developer Vision Homes choose CCTV Camera London

By on December 17th, 2018

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CCTV Camera London has recently been selected to carry out CCTV Installations for Vision Homes in London. Vision Homes specialise in developing small residential new builds, mews and gated developments for modern urban living. They also manage properties on behalf of their clients. Some of their properties are subject to targeted theft, anti-social behaviour, fly tipping and unauthorised car parking. They asked CCTV Camera London to work with them and design a CCTV systems that will prevent / deter unwanted activities or provide clear evidence if an event or incident does occur. So far, very tailored solutions have been designed for  residential sites, including small ball cams, large overt All in One Cameras, ANPR (vehicle number plate cameras) and remote access so images can be viewed over the internet. If you want to protect your residence or development with a CCTV installation, please contact us now on 0870 770 5077 or email [email protected] Eoin Clarke Managing Director

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