Protect your Street. Feel safe, build a Neighbourhood. Video Case Study – Chelsea, London.

By on December 18th, 2018

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Street crime is common and on the increase in London. One of the ways to manage this risk and protect your street is CCTV. If the CCTV design, equipment and support are correct, it is possible to deter crime or know, who or what car was on your street and what exactly they did. The Ormonde Gate Residents Association contracted CCTV Camera Europe Ltd to design, install and maintain a CCTV Scheme to protect their entire neighborhood over 4 streets.Since the CCTV scheme has been in place, it became apparent how much crime was actually going on. The CCTV was able to recognize some offenders and also capture the registration of their vehicles. This allowed the Police to track them down quickly and secure a prosecution.
The number of reported incidents has now dropped to 1 a month. This validates the project and its overall success. This three-minute video case study is a CCTV scheme we installed this year and maintain at Ormonde Gate, Chelsea, London. Please go to this link to Youtube to view.–YTMOxTz8 If you need want help designing a CCTV scheme to protect your street. Please contact us now on 0870 770 5077 or email [email protected]

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