Protecting your business with CCTV, using advanced remote access via web & mobile networks.

By on December 17th, 2018

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You could be on a holiday, on the road, on an overseas business trip or even had a sudden intuitive inclination to see what might be happening at any of your business sites. Well, if you have the latest remote access CCTV system installed, you will be able to view your business sites or property live video feed on your laptop or via your smart phone (iphone or android) or tablet PC or PDA. You can see all your cameras at any one time.

CCTV on your Mobile

To be honest remote CCTV systems should be labeled as complete peace of mind. Because that is what they provide you with. The systems these days are so clever and sophisticated that with the correct protocol converters in place it is even possible to control the telemetry of moving cameras giving you pan, tilt and zoom control allowing remote observation of key areas. Now how cool is that!!Well the technology behind this is actually quite simple. Your various cameras installed at your site record different videos, which are then stored in a small box called DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Then with some clever piece of technology, the videos stored (previous and live streams) on your DVR can be viewed over broadband internet,LAN, WAN or ethernet networks. So all you need is an internet network on your phone or your laptop. Even more, some of the remote access CCTV systems can even email you a screen shot image or send an alert to a manned surveillance office if it detects movement or is triggered by a PIR detector. The advanced remote access CCTV systems can even be provided with a talk back facility to explain to intruders that they have been detected and are being tracked; often this is enough to deter them from further intrusion.Using some clever software we can join all your DVRs together and you can see all your cameras, for all your sites, at any one time, on one screen, monitor or phone. It so simple to use with a mouse or your finger, you wouldn’t believe it.Stop wondering and worrying about what might be happening at your business site or property. We also find that many a times your current systems might be old or incompetent to incorporate a remote access CCTV monitoring system. Call us today on 020 7627 4402 to have a free consultation and one of our friendly advisors will be able to understand your business or properties needs and will recommend the best solution for a remote access CCTV system. You can even request a free site visit by entering your details via our website –

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