Recession Buster CCTV £699+VATFully Installed.

By on December 18th, 2018

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4 Channel CCTV Kit with 4 x 600 TVL Dome Cameras

We know the BIG recession has hit all businesses and homeowners and everyone is now seeking value-for-money CCTV systems and services, we already off the best CCTV services in the world and now are making greater offers than any other competitor! With our new £699 offer for a 4 channel system, you can Protect Your Business. Feel safe, Save Money.
What’s included in our offer:

  • 4 x 600TVL 3.6mm Eyeball Cameras (Biggest analog resolution).  4 times bigger resolution than 90% of CCTV in the UK.
  • One DVR with 4 channels. Records in highest analog resolution.
  • Remote view setup. You will be able to view images, search for footage and control DVR from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. Saves you time coming to the DVR every time you have a problem.
  • Professional installation and cabling. We guarantee a neat and professional job that meets all standards.
  • 1 Year unlimited maintenance and support. Your system will be up and be running 24/7. We guarantee you 8-hour response, unlimited telephone support, remote maintenance support.  If your DVR or cameras have issues and problems we will know about it even before you.
  • Professional design and free site survey. We are not trying to sell you what you don’t need, we are just suggesting you what do we think, but we will always install only what you want!
  • NSI Certification. Your CCTV system is legal and certified, stands in court and will be checked by NSI inspector one day.
  • Up to date equipment. Starting from screws ending with DVR we always use the best of the best, most cost-efficient, most reliable equipment, so your CCTV will work for you years and years.
  • 2-year warranty on all parts and labor.
  • Total 50 meters of cable installation.
  • Remote Access and search facility is basic

If you require CCTV or an upgrade to your system to protect your Place of work, Business or Home with a high-quality installation, please contact us now on 0870 770 5077 or email us at [email protected]

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