Street Robbery – Kings Road – 170220 – 092956 – Can you help?

Unfortunately, this morning a lady was attacked and pushed to the ground for her mobile phone.

Description of persons involved – Two youths: Hair: Dark, Top: Hooded jackets, Bottom: Track suit bottoms, Shoes: Nike trainers, Age: Mid-teens, Build: Small, Ethnicity: White & Mixed Race, Sex: Male, Other details: Please see clear CCTV images taken by our CCTV Patrol van.

If you can identify these two thieves from the attached pictures, please contact the Police.

These 5MP images were taken by the CCTV Camera London Patrol and Response Van.

All evidence has been copied and will be sent to the local police.

To view the events. Please go to to view the incident.

Please be careful and hide your personal belongings or valuables when walking on the street.

Thank you

Eoin Clarke
Managing Director
[email protected]

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