The BodyCam (HD) Personal Video Recorder (PVR)

By on December 17th, 2018

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CCTV Camera London introduces a revolution in Body Worn Video. Now your security guard or door supervisor can be armed with a unit that can record what they see and it can be played back and reviewed by any authorised person. The BodyCam (HD) comprises of a digital video recorder with an integrated camera that can be carried on the person and record for up to 6 hours. This technology, up to now only affordable to the police and specialist units, is being offered by CCTV Camera Europe to you at a very attractive price.An authorised person wearing such a system will often find that simply having it on the body will defuse many potentially dangerous situations. Knowing they are being recorded will often adjust a potential trouble makers behaviour. Having a recording of an event will provide irrefutable proof of how any situation developed and how it concluded. All recordings can be quickly reviewed by an authorised person using a Windows PC and can be retained as evidence if required.Provide your staff with an additional safety tool and talk to Eoin at CCTV Camera Europe on 0870 770 5077 for a demonstration of this fantastic new tool.

The BodyCam (HD)
The BodyCam (HD) Personal Video Recorder (PVR) is perfect for body worn observation and event recording. It records images in 1290×960 HD together with audio and video at an incredible 25 frames per second. The BodyCam (HD) can operate in two different recording modes: picture and video, using a small in hand remote control it can capture a 5 megapixel image. In video mode it can capture 6 hours of continuous video recording from a single charge of its internal battery.The BodyCam (HD) is fitted with an USB AV out connection for reviewing your pictures or videos on any monitor with real time playback. An convenient clip design provides easy portability. Media is stored using a removable 8GB Micro SD Card (expandable to 32GB) which can be read by any windows PC.The BodyCam (HD) also has an integrated TFT review screen to check recordings straight away and the camera lens is both rotatable & adjustable with a field of view of 60°. The whole unit is also weatherproof so that it can operate in everyday environments.

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