The CCTV Patrol and Response service resumes tonight at 6pm – 6am until Sunday morning.

We are only Patrolling 38 streets in the zone that have requested to be Patrolled because of reported criminal activity and anti-social behaviour.

There seems to be three cluster areas in need of the service. Belgravia / Pimlico, Chelsea and Fulham.

Our fully qualified and first aid trained night security guard Marco has been concentrating on these clusters. He drives from one to the next and visited each street 3 times between 6pm – 6am.

We are making our presence well known and this is having a huge impact in the area. Anything unusual he sees, makes a location pin and turns around to get a second look and most importantly obtains valuable HD CCTV recording for evidence. He then logs the incident and backs up the recording to our secure hub.

The CCTV Patrol did capture a street robbery early morning on the Kings Road this week and the suspects can be identified from the images. These images were then distributed to the Police and on social media, to make people aware (especially the criminals) of the risk and that the CCTV Patrol van works. Hopefully this will deter more criminals, not to operate in the area.

We have been testing the coverage of the service. The Patrol van can effectively cover 100 streets in near proximity and respond very quickly if needed. This means every street can be visited three times over a three-hour period.

This will be the last week of the free trials due to financial pressures. If you want to continue the service on your street, please talk to your neighbours and see if you can share the small cost of £24 (inc VAT) per street per week.

We have had a fantastic response from the neighbourhoods we have been patrolling so far, but only two streets are willing to pay £24 per week. No contact has been received from any council yet.

If we can get more streets in the neighbourhood to commit, then we can extend the service to seven nights a week.

If the clusters grow, then we can have a dedicated CCTV Patrol and Response van for each one, whilst backing each other up in emergencies.

I hope this information helps you decide that this service can have an immediate positive impact in your area. If we all share the small cost to keep it going, it will continually improve and crime rates will go down very quickly.

Please [email protected] or Whatsapp 07977177775 ,if you want your street involved in this CCTV security initiative.

Thank you

Eoin Clarke
Managing Director
[email protected]

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