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By on December 17th, 2018

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IP CCTV stands for Internet Protocol  Close Circuit Television. If you are looking for razor sharp clarity, in motion surveillance, multi-site monitoring or remote access of recorded or live video footage, then look no further  IP CCTV is here. With IP CCTV the video management has become so simple. You can store and retrieve both analog and digitally recorded video footage and access it via an internet connection anywhere in the world. Especially with the growth of Cloud Computing the IP CCTV has seen a massive boom. Some hard hitting winning facts in favour of IP CCTV are as follows:
– Image Clarity of an image taken from a digital camera of 1.3 mega pixel operating on an IP CCTV is nearly 30 times more powerful than an ordinary analog CCTV image. This is a big plus for businesses like banks and petrol station, who would like to zoom into an image to see clearly the faces of visitors and read number plates of cars. – Modern IP CCTV cameras use a technology called  Progressive Scan, which means that if traffic police is monitoring moving traffic, it can take clear images in the form of snapshots of moving traffic. In older versions of digital and analog CCTV cameras, due to the interlaced recording mechanism, the frame shots from moving recorded video came blurry and could not provide clear details of facial expressions and number plates. – Your IP CCTV cameras can use the power sockets and Ethernet cables (Cat V and VI) of your business nearest network data-points. Hence, you save the hassle of additional power provision for the IP CCTV cameras and can also avoid running large coaxial cables. – No new software installation with each new IP CCTV system installation at a new site of the same business, the same software running on the internet will integrate your new IP CCTV system. Save money, save time. So if you have 1 additional site or hundred additional sites, nationally or internationally, now you can run all the IP CCTV systems under one single control and access any site live stream in real time. Now that is what we call hi-tech. – If you have a large number of old school analog cameras preinstalled and you are find it difficult to replace them all with IP CCTV camera systems in one go, don’t sweat because IP CCTV system will help you integrate all your current analog cameras into its system as well. So you can also tract and monitor all the analog camera activity remotely as well. We at CCTV Camera London are making big advances for some of UK very well know multi-site businesses who have requested consultation, installation and maintenance of IP CCTV cameras. SO if you want to have an IP CCTV camera installed for your business or home, then you can feel confident in calling our friendly advisors on  0870 770 5077 or enter your details on our website to receive a free call back –

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